Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Project Status Report #1 - Memory Project

If I have been somewhat distant from this blog it is because I took a self imposed pledge to make a mini series of videos/memories/poems...I don't have a good name for it yet.

I do love poetry. I like reading it, seeing it performed and I thought by now there would be a lot more poets taking advantage of web video. As many of you know, I've recorded some of the poets in the Los Angeles area. This is a good thing but I've wanted to get my two cents into the game.

So I came up with an idea. To have a short memory piece about an object or a change that I notice. Nothing grand, nothing wham bang. A time marker if you will.

Because of work and school schedule it has been a ball and chain to execute.  I literally have to put it together bit by bit. There have been flops, failure and brain freezes.

 So I think it is time to share where I am so far and see if that kicks me near the finish line

Stage One - Preparation

I wrote out outlines, scribbles, doodles 3x5 cards and watch cartoons. (I gotta lay off the Batman/Justice League stuff.) There are notes with ideas and thoughts about how to do this.

Stage Two - Writing

I wrote one page on what I wanted to do. That was the easy part. Writing down the bones was the killer. The idea has to be transformed from the mist to substance. No more B/S time.

I manage to B/S quiet a bit but I wrote the structure of the video mini series.

Stage Three - Design Template Ideas

This is why I was looking at cartoons, for color information, style and transition information. I also looked at junk mail for the colors used, had a spell of looking at 1930s movie trailers - there is good in those flicks. I looked at good and bad PowerPoint presentations.

Stage Four - Asset Collection

I have been taking photos and videos of the objects that I want. I have found a few at the Library of Congress, Internet Archive and other public domain sources. And yes, I have printed out my source pages so there is no question where I got my visuals.

I have recorded audio narration and located a music source.

I am currently stuck in Stage Five, Assembly

Follow the script right? Well yes. It does make it easier. But then you get ideas or the ones don't quite work.

Next time, working around the blocks.

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