Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Forge and Eric Lim

This has been a week of people telling stories. Most of which almost wants to make me give up on the human race. I have to remind myself that we are not long out of the cave.

One of the powers of film and video is to help people see a different perspective. By telling our stories, we can let people know that they are understood and not alone.

Sometime you can't save the one you love but you can help people who need to know the message.

Eric Lim lost his sister due to suicide. He wanted to do something to help others that suffer from depression. You can read about his story on Mashable.

There is a supporting web site called For Anybody Hurting where you can get more information about the film, how it was made and, if you are so inclined, purchase the sound track by Austin Wintory with proceeds to be donated to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

I know that there have been movies, films and videos that help me save myself. Through laughter, craft of story or a great performance that moved my heart.

So yes, there will be stories of small people doing incredibly stupid things. Unkind people. People who should be shunned but won't be. Not being deliberately cryptic just don't want to give the fools of the week anymore publicity.

Besides, there will be new fools of the week next week. But there are good people doing wonderful things. We need to hold on to that each and every day.

I say this often; tell your story.

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