Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Muvee Reveal Express for Creating Poetry Videos

There are folks that write by hand and there are those people who write using a device like a typewriter or computer. It is the same creative process but different tools.

The Muvee line of video creation software is designed for busy people, novice users or other folks that want to create but do not have the time or the tech skills.

The entry level program, Muvee Reveal Express is a $20 version of their main product. There are limitations to this software but inside of those limitations there is a quick and painless way to create a video poem. There is a Windows and a Mac version of the software.

Who Is It For?
  • Poets that take photos.
  • Poets that want to do audio based photo story type narratives.
  • Poets that want limited controls, gears and buttons to push in order to create a video.

Main Composition Screen

Muvee Revel Express allows you to combine photos, standard definition (SD) video and audio to create a video very quickly. The program comes with three animation styles to apply to give your video a certain look or feel.


You really can quickly compose a poetic narrative story. For those folks that are time and money challenged this is very important.

Photo Caption Window

You can add captions to photos if you do not want to add narration. You can add your own audio or music. You can mute audio on videos but not edit it.


It will not allow you to import high definition (HD) video. This is a deal breaker for many people. You can purchase the software called Muvee Reveal that will accept HD video.

You cannot add any effect or customize photos or videos. That has to be done in another application.

You have no control over the styles; you cannot customize them. If these are not to your liking you can visit the Muvee website and find a style more to your liking. You can go to the website and purchase a more neutral photo animation style that fits your needs.

The video output is 640x360 standard definition. It is a pseudo widescreen format. Your output choices is either video in the Windows .wmv format or the early iPod/iPad form in .mp4. You can also upload directly to YouTube.

I believe that YouTube still accepts the .wmv format for uploading but the other video web hosts will not. The iPod/iPad option saves the .mp4 video in the iTunes video folder. If you have iTunes it will open that program. Even if you don’t want it to. You will need to be able to navigate to that folder to retrieve your video.

Working Within the Constrictions

Poetry is about getting an idea, feeling or concept across in a set amount of words or images. With this software you are forced to look at the photos and videos to place them in the correct order for your piece. You can’t add any bells and whistles; there aren’t any.

You could use this software as the base composer and then use another software program to tweak the video or add your own custom Intros and Outros.

Think of Muvee Reveal Express as writing a Haiku poem. There are structural limitations. Working inside of those limitation can produce good work.

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