Sunday, August 25, 2013

Subbable - Audience Supported Production

Advertising isn't evil. But the way advertisers implemented awareness of their goods and services can be a form of evil. Money has a way of dampening creativity. Creators can't be so wild and crazy if you have to keep your advertisers happy. 

Advertising can also be a distraction. I don't know about you but that dog breath commercial really gets annoying. I can't hit Skip Ad fast enough. I don't have a pet and I don't know why I'm being targeted with seeing that dang ad when I am trying to watch a Crash Course video on The Great Gatsby.

Subbable is a viewer op-in financial support for a specific video program or producer. This is John and Hank Green explaining what Subbable is and why it is necessary.

I know that advertising helps to pay for content production, servers, video transmission and the ability to upload and share videos.  It takes serious money to run YouTube, Vimeo and

Kickstarter and Indigogo is another way to finance and support media production but that income stream might be turning away from small Pro/Am creators to professionals like Spike Lee and the production of the reincarnation of Veronica Mars.

If we are really serious about supporting good content then we have to be willing (if it is financially possible for you) to step up and pay or partially support creators. What I like about Subbable is that it is op-in and at any time op-out participation.

There are limits on how much viewers can donate and how much creators can receive in a year. I like this aspect of it. This helps to limit shady people and advertisers gaming the system.

It can be a one time only support or you can drop a fiver on it every month. This is not a new idea. Independent podcasters like Decoder Ring Theater have asked for on-going monthly support of their podcasts.

This type of support can be effective.

As a person who has donated to a few Kickstarter campaigns that were successful, I understand that we as supporters take chances on supporting creators. Some of the video project campaigns did not produce what was promised or is taking a long time to implement.

You know what you are getting into with a Subbable support. You have an opportunity to view their work before supporting their production.

Check it out. It is a new project. At the time of this post, there are three shows that are available to support. Hopefully there will be others that reflect a diversity of content.

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