Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Flickr Increase Video Length and Storage

A few months ago I wrote about the limited access for free users to upload standard definition videos to Flickr. It was possible but not really worth the effort.

That has changed. Flickr has open the gate with functional goodies to get people to re-engage with the service.

Free (Ad supported) users get a terabyte of space for their photos and videos. Yes, you will see advertisements on your Flickr page. This is because free is not always truly free but in this case it might be tolerable.

With that terabyte of space you can upload a combination of photos and videos. The videos now can be standard def or high definition of up to three minutes in length.

No grumbling now. The old limit was 90 seconds. If folks can be creative with a six second Vine video then you can make it work with 180 seconds worth of HD video.

Keep in mind that this is a family-ish community type site.  Explorations of the anatomic canals of passion are not going to be welcomed and will be yanked down or more to the point your account gets deleted.

Same goes for copyrighted material that you did not create. I don't think a Batman tribute is gonna work on this site.

You should review the Flickr Video FAQ to understand about self moderation filters and your content responsibility.

The Ad Free and Dublr will cost you cash money but you will be able to ditch the ads or have more storage.

Is It Enough?

Flickr was one of those web sites purchase years ago by Yahoo. It was the go to place for professionals and weekend clickers. It was purchased and then almost abandoned.

Let me rephrase that statement. It was abandoned by professional users who had other needs that were not being addressed. They were ignored.

Many people left in frustration to other services that were more responsive, kept up the code and were not made to feel like orphans asking for more gruel.

Flickr still has a strong community of users that until recently were self-supporting.

As far as video is concerned Flickr seems to be making an effort to include occasional video creators.

If you have a Flickr account why not give it go to see if it is worth your time to upload video to the service? Give it a full shake out to see if you can embed video on your blog or other social sites.

If you are a Tumblr user I don't know if this is going to make your life simple or more complicated. If they can integrate and stabilize the two services, and make it easy for Tumblr users to upload video then this is a good thing.

However there are certain sections of Tumblr that should never intersect with Flickr.  Anatomic canals and then some.

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