Sunday, September 8, 2013

CameraSim F/Stop Simulator

I love teaching tools that help make sense of a topic. There are a number of camera f/stop simulators that can help folks understand the effects of using a specific f/stop, shutter speed and lighting.

This is one of the more interactive simulators I found. This is from CameraSim. Now, true it is designed for still photographers but video folks can learn from this app.

  1. Set the lighting, the focal lenght of your device. that should be on the lens or in the documentation.
  2. Select your Aperture on the right hand side. 
  3. If you know the Focal Length of your camera move the slider to the appropriate setting. If not, leave it where it is.
When you snap the photo you will see the if you have a good shot or not.  This is a cool way to experiment and learn about lighting, f/stops and a bunch of other stuff.

If you are recording using a Smartphone or Tablet device you have a fixed aperture.  Set it to 2.8 and make your other adjustments. This can give you a rough estimation of what your video will look like in certain lighting conditions.

Those recording video on digital still cameras will have a lot more flexibility - go wild but keep in mind that your device might require you to pre-set the f/stop before you can record.

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