Wednesday, September 4, 2013

File Format - VidGeeky Word of the Day

A file is a digital item stored in a specific format. Video can be stored in a wide variety of computer digital formats.

What format does your device record in? If you did you homework before purchasing you should be able to answer the question.  It is also a trick question because there is a kind of a default standard for personal or consumer level videos.

The file format refers to how your video is stored on your recording device. Some of the active video file formats are:
  • QuickTime .mov
  • H.264.mp4
  • WebM
  • WMV
  • AVI
All of the above are a specific type of file format for recording video or playing back video in a compatible player or device.

This Samsung Records in the .mp4 format

This was more of an issue back in the day, the day being about eight years ago. A person would record video and then they would need to make sure that the video recording was compatible with the video editing program or the playback device.

The default video format on most consumer camcorders, smart phone and tablets is mp4. There is a effort to open up to a non-proprietary standard.

I wish I could leave it at that but there are variations in the mp4 video format.  You probably will not have a problem with recording and playback of mp4 videos.


Most of the time.

Okay there are exceptions. If the mp4 video leans more toward the Apple implementation of mp4 then it could happen that the Windows Movie Player could have an issue with it.

Or if mp4 video was constructed to work well in a Windows OS environment then the Apple QuickTime player might have a problem opening the file.

Or not.

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