Sunday, September 1, 2013

Media Digital Library - Home Movies and Home Talkies Magazine

Once upon a time their was a print magazine devoted to people who wanted to make their own movies. These would be movies recorded on film. Home Movies and Home Talkies Magazine was a 1932-1934 publication devoted to helping folks master filmmaker for home users.

The Media History Digital Library contains scanned copies of the various hobby, commercial and fan magazines. This would included radio, film and later television.  It is a hoot to review some of the old publication and find similar content about quality, how-to's and showing your stuff.

The magazine referred to the practice as amateur cinematography. I've read a few of the pages, this seems to be a British magazine. There are items for sale that go for a certain amount of shillings and pounds.

Everything Old Is New Again

There is an article about making your own home movie titles, what size projector to buy and ads for second-hand cine cameras.

As for advice for the new filmmaker it seems that you can't go wrong if you:

  • Don't forget the close up
  • Record moments that matter
  • Get the exposure right
  • Use a tripod or find a way to steady the camera.

You can read the magazines or journals on-line or download the PDF version.  If you are a fan of all kinds of film history you have to check this out.

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