Thursday, October 3, 2013

Audio Library - YouTube Music for Web Videos

The search for legal and accessible music just got a little easier. Maybe. YouTube is now providing free downloadable music tracks.

You can use the music in your video editing program or your app that will combine photos, videos and music. The tunes can be searched in a variety of ways including the type of music, duration of the tune or by mood.

Once you log onto your account select the Audio Library link. Currently there are about 150 tracks that you can search, preview and download.

You shouldn't have a problem importing .mp3 audio into whatever application you are using; the only problem I can foresee if the program or app requires a certain bit rate. But for the most part you should be good to go.

So What Is the Catch?

There appears very few actually. The music is intended for videos that are uploaded to the web hosting service. You promise not to sell or post the tunes elsewhere and you agree to the standard YouTube terms of service.

What About...?

Yes, I have additional questions that I couldn't find the answers to such as:

Can you re-mix tracks in the collection? I would think so but I couldn't find an answer at this time.
Some of the classical tracks are of well known pieces of music like Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. When multiple people start using this track will this generate a copyright notice? How would the copyright bots distinguish this recording from a copyrighted version from the London Symphony Orchestra?
Yes, the music is free but if I use this music on a video that is uploaded to the site will that require ads on my video? You know, the type where you or your user can't turn them off?

Well, if I find the answers I'll let you know. More music will be added to the service and it seems that they are looking for musicians.

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