Monday, February 17, 2014

Trip to Grand Central Market - Video Poem

Chip, chip, chip away at the stone. I had to let go of the prior idea. It just was not coming together. The rabbit got away this time.

I went out on a road trip and came up with this video:

It is a mixture of video and photos taken at the Grand Central Market of Los Angeles. There is a change between the prior version of the market and the new culinary influences that are starting to move in.

What the market has always been is a place about the accessibility of food. Inexpensive veggies co-exist with mouth watering and heart clogging food.

So this is a travel video poem about a food place.

I recorded on my Panasonic DMC -XS1. That is one accommodating camera. It did a great job in getting the recordings in a number of challenging lighting areas and types.

Editing took place in Serif MoviePlus X6.  Music from Frank Edward Nora who has graciously placed much of his New Midnight Cassette Collection in the Public Domain.

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