Saturday, February 1, 2014

Using PowerPoint 2013 for Text Visual Poem

There has been so much politically stupid yakity-yak this week I could not ignore or let go of some of the idiocy that passes for political discourse. I'll go into detail on my Stoop blog. I decided I wanted to say something about the binary way we communicate in the age of Twitter.

I am not Twitter hating. Nope. Twitter can be used for good or for evil. But if you wanted to look to the source of the brevity of public communication you'd have to point a finger (and I'd suggest a middle one) toward the television news use of sound bites.

So in this video, I've reduced the pundit of the day's reaction to nouns and a verb. One verb in particular. I don't normally use the F-word in my writing or public media but you do what you gotta do. I originally had a color gradient as a background but upon export I notice some pixel blocks in regions of the video. Not sure if it was my monitor, the exported video or the compression used to export. I decided to go totally binary and go with black and white.

Creation Tools

I've used presentation slide programs for many years; often in ways that it was never intended to be used. Once upon a time I used PowerPoint as a simple desktop publishing program for an office newsletter. Scoff if you must but there was no way I was going to have access to Aldus Pagemaker.

I forget that I actual have a modern version of the PowerPoint. I can export video directly from the program without having to jump through massive hoops. I can compose, add audio and have animation effects.

Not how I used it for my third video but I'm starting to re-think the ways stories can be told. Yes, there is death by PowerPoint. I've seen it, experience it and sometimes I was a perpetrator of way too much information. This time, it might be a bit too short.

Use of Audio

For the heartbeat, I located a sound effect version from that allows use in videos for non-commercial or commercial use. I downloaded the .wav file to get the most vibrant sound as possible.

In PowerPoint 2013 you can insert audio and have it play the entire video or just on a particular slide. You can add a fade in/fade out  but you will need to spend a little time tweaking it the way you want. Since the video is very short I'm using the whole thing and just ending when it ends.

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