Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Place for Daily Vloggers

Ah, here we go, a bit of home spun old timey vlogging. Was it really so long ago that people and their web cams talked and shared about their lives, ambitions and feelings? In this age of money making syndicated content it is easy to forget the humble beginnings of web video.

In 2004 it was about people.

The original meaning of vlogger (in my humble opinion) was a person that did person narrative on a daily or weekly basis. That was expanded on by other folks that wanted to create videos that wasn't a talking head personal narrative but was indeed personal. Or funny. Or educational. It is what you want it to be.

You don't necessarily have to go to YouTube to find daily vloggers. There is a site called DailyVloggers that is a repository of those people who are doing daily or serial vlogging. At the desks. In the car (oh please let it be a parked car) or on foot with with video sunglasses.

You can sample some of the vlogger content on the desktop or through the Android mobile app.

It seems that many folks use YouTube to host and then have content posted on this site as well. It seems to be time slices of a persons life, talking about what is going on or whatever comes to the surface.

This is a good way to sample personal narrative content without having to fish it out of the walled YouTube garden.

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