Sunday, July 7, 2013

Samsung Video Editor - Android Video Creation Tools

I search high and low for this next entry in the Android video creation series of posts. The Samsung Video Editor can be found on some of the Samsung Galaxy brand of smartphones and tablets.

This isn't a new app; there have been various versions of it since 2011. When I was researching this software it was confusing because I was getting different designs and screen images but the core features are the same. This is the version I have on my Galaxy Tab 2.

It is a very basic, I stress, basic video editing app. This is a demo video I created to show your some of the features:

This app works best for short, under three minutes of video editing. It could work well for simple editing of a non-computer demonstration, or at a conference to quickly trim, add a title and upload to a Facebook account or YouTube.

Is There a Manual or Help Guide?

No.  Not inside of the program. I was able to find a How-To Guide on the Samsung web site but the images and user interface does not look like the version on my tablet. Conceptually it is the same but it does not match up to my current device. There are YouTube videos on the various versions; some good and some that are horrid.

If you have experience with tapping, drag and drop that will get you started. If you know a little about video editing that will be a help. It took about 40 minutes of fiddling with it to be able to work with it to get a grasp of what it can and cannot do.

Is it Worth the Effort?

Yes, if you fully embrace the limitations. Think of Video Editor as an advanced trimmer with benefits. You can add titles, effects and transitions. You can add your own narration or audio. You don't have to sign up to a service to access your stuff or be limited in what you can create.

And it is free.

Hey? Where is the Exported Video?

This seems to be an important question. The video is stored in the internal memory folder sdcard0 in a folder called Videoeditor. You want to know how to get to that folder because at some point you will need to remove the videos to free up space.

In the video it was at the top of the list but I plowed down to the bottom just in case your configuration is different.

Bottom line; this is an okay app. For short videos that need a title, trim and light sprucing up this could be the deal. If you don't have a Galaxy device this might work for you if:

  • You have a dual or multi-core device.
  • You have Android 4.0 or higher with the appropriate OS for your device. 
  • You understand that you are on your own. If you have an old tablet that you want to risk it on fine and dandy but don't risk your primary device. 

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