Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Creating A Digtial Story Tutorial - Planning Brief

In the advertising world there is the brief. Long before they sell Skittles or a GoPro camera advertising firms create the advertising brief. It is a binder of what the goal of the campaign is; the message they want to communicate; who is the audience for the product and looking hard at the need or want the product potentially can fill in a user.

This is why advertisers are going loco-crazy about data collection. What do 25-year old women with disposable income and a love of pizza want in a shoe collection?

Yes, it gets that specific.  What has this got to do with you?

If you can calm yourself and listen to the inner creative muse you can use some of the same concepts of an advertising brief to get the idea of your video out of your head:

  • What your video is about?
  • Why are you doing a video?
  • Who is your potential audience? (Hint: it is not everybody. You'll need to think about who would want and appreciate seeing the video.)
  • What is in it for them? What goodies, needs or wants are going to be in your video.
  • How long will the video be; unless you are really good you are thinking about two to four minutes tops for web video?
  • Where will your audience see your video? Mobile? Desktop, TV hooked up to Roku?
  • Bandwidth considerations; 4K video is coming but many people are on data plan lock down? You might have to balance access versus quality, or you might choose not to compromise but this kicks back to who is your audience?
  • What you you have to work with? Camera, audio, equipment, no equipment, software, DIY gear?
  • Time? How much do you have and how little. In your allotted 24 hours a day where does creating a video fit in? 
So these are your starter questions. You'll have others that I don't know about but begin the process of writing down the bones.

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