Friday, October 3, 2014

Creating A Digital Story - Reverse Engineering

A group of teen-age girls cuts denim pants int shorts and then a designer sees it and sells Daisy Dukes. Akira Kurosawa created the movie The Seven Samurai and Hollywood re-interprets it as The Magnificent Seven.

The process of making a knock-off is called reverse engineering.

The New York Times has an Ops Docs channel on YouTube where independent filmmakers can create work for the paper. This is the promotional video for the series.

If you are up to it you should break it down into parts

How long is the title?
What is the layout or sequence of shots?
How do they use text, audio and images?
Do they successfully get the message out about what they do?
Do they employ the five shot shooting technique?
Who is their audience?
What is the call to action (if any)?

If you don't like this video then find one you do like or would like to emulate. Break it down on paper or your recording medium of choice. It is really helpful to see what works.

Remember, inspiration good. Flat out stealing, bad.

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