Monday, October 25, 2021

The Name Game - Vegas Edit

Sometimes you or a corporation hope that by changing a name it will make a difference. 

And sometimes it doesn't. 

In July, I wrote about how the consumer level of video editing software was being discontinued.

And, honestly things happen. Businesses make changes. It was no longer cost effective for them to continue to support a product that they acquired from Sony. 

What folks objected to was inferring that the proposed upgrade still called Movie Studio was to a similar product. It wasn't. 

They were not exactly clear or transparent out it. 

Time marches on. 

So I get an email.

For a product called Vegas Edit. Never heard of it before.

I go take a look.

Vegas Edit is actually Vegas Pro 19.

Ok, kinda being transparent. 

Better than not at all being transparent.

Is it 2021 consumer friendly? Meaning it can help you make vertical, TickTok, YouTube shorts type videos?  One of the questions that I would have is how much of a learning curve is involved?

Don't know. 

When I get a chance, and it might take a while, I'll check out some of the video reviews of the software.

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