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Lightpanel Micro - LED Lighting

Update 6/15/2012: There are other companies that produce and sell equivalent light for film, video and still photography. There is an on-going legal yacking about how Lightpanels is trying to block others from creating or selling their own version of the device.  They don't want to stop just one company. They want a total lock on the LED photography light business. 

Original Post:

This happens to me in both the real and virtual world. I'm walking down the street, I turn a corner and make a discovery. For those of us that need a portable lighting source for still photos and videos the Litepanel Micro is an interesting solution.

Lightpanel Micro Light Panel

From the website I learned that this is a small LED light source that runs on AA batteries. It has a dimmer switch. There is no heat and there is no flicker.

This is the commercial from the website:

I know I've been situations where I wished I had this kind of lighting. It does open possibilities. I can see in conference situations where you need a portable light source. You could use it as your primary light or as a fill light.

This product will also challenge us to be respectful and not turn that sucker on in situations that are not appropriate to be illuminated. There are more details and the technical specs at the Litepanel website where you can download a .pdf about the lamp.

The Price of the Lightpanel Micro

Yes, there is a cost. I did a search on the website for local vendors. Primarily sold at photo and professional video stores the vendors seem to be selling the Lightpanel Micro for $297.

Ouch for those of us on a budget! Woohoo for those with disposable income!

On the flip side, this could be an excellent investment if you know that you will be recording in home studio or outdoor light challenging situations. The unit does come with a filter holder, tungsten filter and you can purchase A/C power connector which seems be about $50 or so.

Actual Users Responses
  • Ian Pack is a photographer in the UK who is testing out the Litepanel Micro. He is also shooting video and seems to like it.
  • Jeffrey Franks and Max show you what the Litepanel Micros and a lot of creativity can do.
  • PDN Gear Guide has a review, generally positive but there is a concern about the plastic construction.
  • Scott Gribble was looking for a lighting replacement and the Micro works for him.

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  1. I thought this was brilliant until I saw the price. Surely someone can hack this idea for under $50...

  2. I'm thinking the DIY'ers are probably working on it. The size & power source is the kicker.


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