Saturday, August 8, 2009

Looking Back At The Columbian Migration Project

Updated 08/09/2014: is no more. was sold to Maker Studios. Maker Studios was purchased by Disney. Many of the videos posted by independent videobloggers have been lost. This is a historical post for old timers that remember.

When we talk one to one we tend to listen a wee bit better. We pay attention and hear other lives that gives us a broader understanding of the world. Videoblogging can help to expand our world view.

This is Rocio talking about how she found her way to America:

This was a videoblogger supported project back in 2006-2007. The community provided assistance to help Maria Clara Gomez with the funds to interview Colombians in the United States and in Columbia. It was called the Colombia Migration Project.

It is an example of sharing between cultures, collaborative financial with small amounts of money and what you can do with a camera and an idea.

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