Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SFSI Presentation by Violet Blue on Viral Marketing

Violet Blue is a sex educator, writer, blogger and a bunch of other things I am forgetting at the moment. She knows a thing or to about using web video, marketing a difficult topic and providing educational outreach.

San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) has a series of five videos of her presentation that presents information about how to use and understand the web applications, Twitter, Facebook and the ever evolving world of social media.

The focus of the videos is how sex educators and information providers can connection and outreach to people who are seeking help and information assistance. It is also the similar social media information that most of us need to pay attention to in terms of promoting and clearly defining what we do and how we engage others in communicating our messages.

Violet's primary blog is Tiny Nibbles and is is seriously not safe for work. It is great blog, I'm just saying some of the images are not work place safe if you value long term employment.

For those that cannot visit Violet's blog, San Francisco Sex Information does have the presentations on YouTube on their channel. Violet has the videos posted on her blog as well.

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