Saturday, May 1, 2010

Video Timeline Anatomy 101 - Magix MovieEdit 16 Pro Plus

My reasons for going over the timeline of video editing program is to help make sure that you select that correct video editing program for your skill level. A lot of people read the description of a video editing software and fall in love with the list of things that the software can do.

Once a software program is installed you might not like that you have to tap your feet, rub your head and shift into third as you try to edit your videos. It is not a matter of price.

It is the design of the user interface, the intended market for the software and the end product - the video. So that is why I think this is a good opportunity to look at the other side of the box. So that is why I wanted to share with you the appearance of video editing timelines.

(Hmm. Mischief is afoot. I'm not deliberately bringing in the images at a small size. In fact, I'm scaling upward and Google is scaling downward. Or it could be the template doing the dirty deed. I struggle onward and will repair as time and tears permit.)

Magix Movie Edit 16 Plus Pro has a feature layout that are similar to a high end video program.

Magix MovieEdit Timeline
The high end programs that start at $900 and work their way up. I don't have those kinds of programs yet so this will give you an example.

Command Section
There is a common command section where you can perform the most used tasks such as adding a title, cut/splice and group or ungroup separate videos.

There is a monitor, a media pool where you select your images and above that you have the standard menu bar. You also have a Title and Effect Tab.

The Title/Effects tab shows you the range of effects that you can display on your video. Lots of choices.

Before you purchase a video editing program so a bit of self-evaluation:

  • Do you want to hit it and quit?
  • Do you like to tinker?
  • Are you the kind of person that wants to re-arraign audio and video to suit your needs?
  • Is there an inner Jane Campion that is begging to come out?

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Match the program to your needs, time available and your budget.

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