Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Look at Editing With QuickTime Pro For PC Users

QuickTime Pro on the PC is conceptually similar to the text editor Notepad; you can enter information, make limited adjustments and export out a file. I mean no disrespect to either product.

If you understand the strengths and limitations of the program, QuickTime Pro can be a great tools. I'm specifically focusing on the PC version because there have been changes to the Mac version so they are no longer equivalent products.

The current version of QuickTime Pro on the PC is $29.99. If you think that you might have to work with MPEG 2 videos you will also have to pony up $19.99 for the add-on.

What Can QuickTime Pro Do?
  • Import video such as generic .avi, .mov, H.264 mp4 mov video
  • Trim and insert video into a movie
  • Add .mp3 and .wav audio files
  • You can layer and combine movies. For example, you have two movies that you want to display side by side at the same time.? QuickTime can do that. It isn't easy but it is possible.
  • Export to various video formats

What QuickTime Pro Cannot Do:

  • Create Titles
  • Apply Transitions, there aren't any
  • Easily apply video effects, it can be done but it is not obvious

Who Should Use QuickTime Pro?

You need to be comfortable using computers, finding files and willing to experience a short but quirky learning curve. The menus are bare bones and there are no icons to guide your path.

If you are editing on the fly with an underpowered netbook or notebook and need to perform simple trims or cuts to the video this is your software.

If you need to extract audio or video only QuickTimePro is great for that purpose.

If you need to convert video from one file format to another QuickTime can help you out. If you have an .mov video but you want to use Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Movie Makers it can export to .avi video that that Movie Maker can accept.

If you want to check out what QuickTime Pro can do for you before you buy then you should review the QuickTime Users Guide.

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