Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Samsung HMX W200 Part 2 - Charging It Up

One of the concerns that I had about the HMX W200 finding a safe way to charge the camcorder, it does have a USB arm that can be inserted into a USB port. If you are a PC laptop user, score.

If you have a desktop computer then there is a small issue. There is nothing to support the camcorder as you attach it to the port.

Samsung HMX W200 Camcorder
The USB arm is at the bottom of the device so, yeah, the weight of the camcorder will stress out the port or the USB arm over time.

Charging Options

A USB A (Male) to A (Male) cable will do the trick. Not expensive but you might want to shop via a known on-line vendor for a good price. You might even have one around the house. Hook this up with a USB hub and you are good to go.

There are monitors that have USB sockets on the side. If you have one of those it might be an easier access solution.  You still would have the camcorder sticking out at the side but if you have DVD cases on your desk like I do you could pile them up for support.

If you have a USB Hub you can attach the camcorder to the hub and then connect it to the computer. I actually had one that I got from the 99Cents Only store and it works fine.

Another option is a USB Plug. I've had a number of mp3 players over the years and some of them had a USB charging plug that  has a slot to attach the camcorder.  I had about two of them that I forgot about around the joint. I can charge the camcorder at the office or wherever I can find a socket.

I've seen USB chargers at office supply stores as well. These would have the plug and a number of connectors for various media or phone devices. They don't have to be expensive; I've seen them for about $15-$20.

The more I'm learning about the camcorder the more impressed I am with the features. I have been recording but, I don't know how to say this, I can't find moving objects. I think I've got that licked so hopefully there will be test footage soon.

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