Thursday, May 31, 2012

Serendipity and Jesse Desjardins

Serendipity is what happen to me as I was looking for something on Sometimes folks present a text based tutorial that can be helpful. I didn't find any but I'm one of the goofy people that will actually go and read a web sites About page.

Anyway, I'm reading about Slideshare and one of their users, Jesse Desjardins, had posted a video about how the service has helped him improve his skills and other stuff.

That isn't why I want to show you the video. Take a look at how the video plays with the concept of the talking head. The use of color. The use of retro-style photos to accent a point.

For me, I guess the video is an idea generator. I have to say I almost bugged out of the video but Jesse's voice engaged me and then I made the time to listen. Once I caught up with what was going on I liked it.

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