Friday, July 13, 2012

A Look At Grovo Learning Resources

The learning and edu-tainment business is growing. There are a lot of people who want to share what they know because it can be a profitable business. And because it is something that most humans naturally do; share information.

Grovo puts together a package of video tutorials, quizzes and helper guides to help you get a grip on a specific topic.

The reason I bring this up is that Grovo has classes and tutorials that web video users and videobloggers might find interesting.

Doing a quick snoop around they have basic classes in:
  • Blogging - YouTube and Vimeo are not your only storage options
  • Dropbox  - One use is to access content via mobile devices
  • Facebook Communication
  • Google Hangouts - which is another way to have a group chat or video class
  • Social Media
  • Vimeo Channels
  • YouTube Video Editor
  • YouTube Video Optimization
I like how they set up the classes. You view a short video and then take a quiz to find out what you retained. Grovo keeps track of your classes and progress.

The videos present the information that is understandable to entry level users.  I think that is the right way to go because we all are entry level users in something. 

You will not become an all knowing expert but you will gain a basic understanding of a topic. This is a good thing. Especially if you are listening  to someone who claims they know all about social media.

With a little time at Grovo you will be able to hear that they are just blowing smoke out of an orifice of their body.

There is a free version and a $99 paid version that will allow you to have access to more content.

Grovo Learning would like to to use your social media applications to tell folks about the service. Not only do you share upcoming classes but you could gain access to premium content if you share it with enough people . 

That is your decision. You can log in with a Facebook ID or with an e-mail address and password. 

My sense is that the site would very much like you to tell a friend or 30 about their services. Lord knows I've got people I wish I could force into the Netiquette class.

I certainly will tell folks about the site but I'm not going to hound people about it. 

Check out what they have and see if you like it.

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