Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Sunday Moment with Ray Bradbury

One of the reasons that people should have a camera/camcorder handy is that you could record a moment in time with a famous or notable person.

This was a short video that I recorded in 2005 at a bookstore celebrating the 82nd birthday of Mr. Ray Bradbury. The web video standard at the time was 320 x 240.  I and many other Internet users of the day were on 56k dial-up service via an analog modem.

Like I said, Mr. Bradbury was kind enough to stop by a local bookstore. I had hope to hear him speak but he was just signing books and sharing a few brief words to his fans. The store was very small and it was really hot inside that store, no air conditioning.  It was roasting outside that store too.

I don’t remember the camera I used to record the video. I probably was still editing on Windows Movie Maker2 and cussing the whole time. Windows Movie Maker 2 would invoke such a reaction. That sucker hit walls like a crash test dummy.

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