Monday, January 7, 2013

Shani Higgings Keynote at New Media Expo 2013

Technorati has evolved from the blog listing and ranking service from days gone by. They have been paying attention to treads in social media.

 For those of you that want to consider how to get more people to your content you should pay attention to this video because this documentation of how people gain viewers and blog readers is extremely valuable.
This is a 22 minute keynote speech from Shani Higgings of Technorati; speaking at the NMX Expo 2013 in Las Vegas. I've linked to the Blogworld site because there is a transition between the old name and the new name of New Media Expo.

(Sorry folks, the link to the video has been removed. Over at Social Media Today there are some of the slides and facts presented in the keynote.)

Taking a quick look at the Technorati site, things have changed. They have Twittorati where they list what the top bloggers are sharing and linking to online.

Another site they have is BlogCritic where their own in-house bloggers are generating content accross different topic areas.

One of my takeaways is that old traditional media tracking companies like Neilson and ComScore still does not understand the way people interact with blogs and bloggers.

Yet they are the ones that are telling businesses and advertisers that you should do business with the 10% of folks but ignore the rest.

Silly lemmings.

Another point she makes is the spending of businesses and advertisers on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to reach consumers. They are not spending money on blogs.

Do not weep because there are a lot of people who are making legitimate money using video, their blogs and ancillary products or services.

Let me see, ah yes pay attention to your mobile users needs and yes, that means video. I'm struggling to find verifiable information on how to balance the different viewing experiences but that will come in time.

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