Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Moment to Reflect

So much has changed since I started this notebook in 2009. The technology has moved forward with Smartphones replacing personal point and share camcorders.

The money is flowing in for certain types of user generated content. More important, the uses of web video also continue to expand.

I’m almost irrelevant because with a push of a button people are recording video on phones, phablets and micro devices.

I still maintain there is a use for personal and dedicated camcorders.

I did say almost.

Because there are still certain groups that are not participating in web video. The process is easier but not easy.

And I do want people to push back against the “make googazillians of dollars” bum rush mentality. I do like money and this isn't a criticism of the money flowing to the new class of content creators. I just have a fear that traditional television is being recreated.

I think web video can go further than that concept. With the wave of new mobile viewers coming down the road it will have to serve multiple interests.

There are other expansive uses for web video. Like using video to extend the story you are telling on a blog or web site. Or to document your history and the place you find yourself.

Boomers and Eco-Boomers have been particularly slow on the take-up.

On the global scene there are people being murdered for trying to tell their story. Or locked up. Or shamed into silence.

Or ignored as not being important enough to warrant attention.

I think there are things to learn about making the next generation of web video. I know that peeping over the fence at speech givers, business presentations, podcasters and related but unconnected allies is important.

And play. There has to be some fun. Time to experiment and muck it up.

Tis no time to sleep.

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