Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Think About In-Camera Editing for Mobile Devices

Ok, so those in the iOS have the Vine app but for Androidians, soon to be Linux phone users and tablet owners, we have something way better than an app.

We have brains. We can do In-Camera Editing and we don't have to load a new app to do it. (Not that it wouldn't be nice but those of us on the Android side have learned to be resilient though our pain.)

Sure the iOS folks can push a button on an app and have six seconds of video. The more creative folks have to think about what they want to record, plan it out and then make it work.

Unless they have a dog or a cat. And even then you can’t count on the cat.

The Vine app is an automated form of In-Camera editing.  Well, let me explain this to the those that are younger than 30 years of age or those that don’t known celluloid from cellophane.

A Look At Traditional Movie Making

In traditional movies, the production company would record all of the living room scenes at one time, then the action stuff and then all the bongy bongy in the bedroom.

The editing room is where the actual movie was assembled or put together. And by assembled I mean the cut up the film and glued or taped it together.  Or recorded it on to a new master reel.

There is another form of editing called In-Camera where the camera records what happens in sequential order.

This would require the camera first recording the living room scene, then the action scene, back to the living room then to the bedroom and then back to the action scene, the living room and the bedroom.

You would have a finished video provider no one made a mistake. Which is why almost everything you have ever seen on TV or film has been edited. Even the reality shows. Especially the reality shows.

We don’t need no stinking app. We have a camcorder feature on our devices. One that has a Pause button. Most of us already have a way to upload videos to a distribution web host that can be posted and viewed in Twitter or Facebook.

We can do this. We lack nothing.

This is demo I made with some items I had near my desk, except for the wine which was in the kitchen. I recorded this quickie with my Android Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0.

Device Considerations

Planning is half of the battle. You don’t have time for words when an image will speak for itself. But you do want to convey something. You will need to take a moment to scope it out.

Let go of six seconds – your phone, tablet or media player might need at least 3 seconds to get up to speed. Some devices will not record less than three or four seconds of video. So realistically you are looking at maybe 10 to 12 seconds on the high end and six to nine if you have what you need close by.

Stabilization is really important; nobody wants to see the jitters for any length of time.

I think the good thing about the Vine app is that it less folks play with video. It can be a creativity booster that let's you see what you can do with just a limited period of time.

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