Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Look At Sony Sound Series Production Music

Goodness knows that I've continue to seek the legitimate free music and sound sources. Still, there are times when you can't find exactly what you want. If you are like me, you have a limited vocabulary on how to ask for a specific music type for your videos.

Yes, we can say Blues, Emo, Classical but you might need to also find music that is appropriate for a how-to video, a wedding gig or a cooking demo.

And if you think your work will appear in a for-profit video or in a money making capacity then you have to start looking at paid sources for music. One of those options is the Sony Sound Series for Production Music.

You can filter the music by Genre, Tempo or Suggested Use.  For one track and the bumpers that come with it this can be pricy. The normal cost is $49 but there are specials that pop-up that greatly reduce the cost.

But the devil is in the details also known as the EULA. Before you plunk down cash money you want to review the document before purchase. The quick highlights are:

  • You are buying a license to use the music. You don't own it; Sony does.
  • You can use the music as is but you are not free to re-interpret or re-mix into a new composition. 
You do get to listen to the track before purchase and the search filters are handy.

If you are leaning toward the commercial side of making money with your videos then this is a viable option. Casual users, not so much.

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