Thursday, August 29, 2013

Amani and Chip's Mobile Video Tips Presentation

From the thought to the word to those people doing the deed. Amani Channel and Chip Dizzard have a web site called Web Video Chefs. They are also professional journalists and video creators.

This is the first item in the presentation. Mobile Journalism Must Haves:

The team gave a full presentation to the National Association of Black Journalists a while back and they have uploaded the full presentation on mobile journalism. You can watch the video, download the mp3 version or check out the Keynote presentation.

I'm sampling the goodies as I type. I don't necessarily want to be a mobile journalist but I do want to have better control over mobile video recording devices.

We cannot remain in our chosen silos of information. We need to know what the innovator down the street is doing. Each one teach one and pass it down the line.

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