Friday, June 21, 2013

Quick and Subjective Mobile Video Editing Apps List

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A few days ago I participated in a #BlogNow Twitter discussion about blogs, photos and videos. Folks were asking about good video mobile apps. I put in my two cents. It is a subjective list because I wanted to only suggest known vendors that have a viable product. And it is just my opinion.

I tried not to link to an app that has no public track record, has major complaints about it (meaning that the dislikes far exceed the likes) and doesn't cripple the program in order to get you to pay for the to "pro" version.

One more thing. I am on the Android side of the fence at the moment. Just waiting for one more price drop before I go Apple. Or Windows. Or Ubuntu.

Android Video Editing Apps 


Not anywhere as cool as iOS apps but there is hope. Many of the current Android video apps are just trimmers; not video editing software.

There are two worth a look at:
Magisto Video Editor

WeVideo (Beta) for Samsung and Google Nexus devices. Read the limitations on the free service and the terms of service before using.

iOS Video Editing Apps


You can go beginner to Pro/Am on the iOS mobile platform. There are editing apps, apps that support filmmaking and those apps that can help filter your way to greatness.

Animoto has a mobile app
Magisto Video Editor for iOS  or Apple App Store
Pixoral: Free but ad sponsored, $1.99 for premium version 
YouTube Capture

Windows Tablets


This is the first out the gate; hopefully there will be more  Magix Movie Edit Touch form Microsoft App Store 

Web Based

YouTube Video Editor

I tried to stay with entry level, easy to use software for novice users. I lean toward free but have no problems and issue paying for a quality app.

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