Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hecuba Video at MOCAtv - iPhone Music Video

MOCAtv is The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles YouTube Channel. It is place where other artists can curate their favorite videos, create new works or step out into the void.

There are a few of us that continue to believe that intentionally vertical videos can be a good thing. This is another example of busting out of horizontal by the group Hecuba.

Jon Beasley & Isabelle Albuquerque are musicians, artists, photographers or what ever they want to be at the moment.

You can check out their other videos, photos and information about why they do what they do by visiting their Tumblr blog.

This is a video recorded with an iPhone 5 device. There have been no enhancements or filters applied to the video. I have embedded the above video as an intentionally vertical video because that it what it seemed to be as I watched it on YouTube.

However, that might not be the way the creators intended; the heavy black bars does add to the feeling of the video.

So in the spirit of not mucking with the artists intent this is how the video appears on the MOCAtv channel.

I love finding new sources of inspiration.

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