Saturday, January 18, 2014

From Thought to Words AKA The Plan

I've got my idea locked down - a short series of videos about an observation I've had during the week or so. Two minutes or less.

Hopefully less.

The videos will have a mixture of audio, photos and video or two out of three items.

I can allocate about three hours total a week from idea conception to production/upload. Less would be better. This means that I've got to create a structure that allows for creativity but also has implied limitation.  Like cookies; Pecan Sandies, and those fudge centered chocolatey thingys.

There is a structure but there can be variations in the structure. Limitations can force you to find a way of making a story or poem interesting.

Anyway, this means that I'll need to set up a template or format so that I can concentrate on the idea and not have to worry about "being design creative" each and every time. The goal is to get the process out of the way and do what I gotta do.

I've been looking at sequential art. You know them better as graphic novels or comic books. There is an aspect of that design that can work well for a short video. I've snatched a few panel ideas that should work for what I have planned.

I've also just remembered about triptych photo layouts where you can have three separate images that tell a unified story.  Can that idea be implemented into a simple video?

I'm willing to find out.

Next Steps
  1. Create a Project Folder
  2. Write the script
  3. Make a container video with intro title, placeholders and outro title.
  4. Music - what kind, how will it be used and will it match a variety of content?
  5. Ambient audio - recording in real time with what device?
  6. Web Hosting - Vimeo, YouTube or both?

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