Saturday, March 15, 2014

Going to KDMC and Exploring Resources

Life got very busy. I couldn't even pick up a pen to write down what has happened. It has settled down a bit so I want to share some goodness that will be happening in a couple of days.

I have been struggling to move forward. What I want to do and what I can do has hit an impasse. There is a shift from the technology that a person needs to create web videos to the quality of the videos themselves. I'm not talking about broadcast/cable company transmission standards.

We can screencast, webcast, record in digital media with cameras, phones and tablets. There are stories that still need to be told. So the tech makes it easier to tell the story but are we being in service of the story?

I need inspiration, mentoring and a tune up.

In a few days I will be taking a three day workshop in visual storytelling at the Knight Digital Media Center. I will be busy to the 3rd power and I hope to smooth out the burs of fear and tech loathing.

I've got some hurdles. The course will be taught using Macs. I'm a PC girl but I am open to the possible. The editing software will be Adobe CS6 which I'd never thought I'd lay hands on let alone use.

As I have always said, it is not the tools but what you do with them. The learning curve isn't that steep. A mouse is a mouse and a split, splice and edit point can mean the same thing.

I watched a video or two from the Graduate School of Journalism and this one from CNS News, which is produced by students in the graduate program. There are multiple stories that are covered.

KDMC Resources

You don't have to get on an airplane to explore what KDMC has to offer. There are a number of freebies tutorials on their website.

I'm not spending a bunch of money without doing some advanced snooping of what to expect. There is a tutorial on Digital Taxonomy and Visual Story Packages.  In plain English, what is the story, what is the format that best service telling the story. Is it narrative? Is it interactive? What about a photo/linear approach? What if the story you want to tell is data based?

I need to be honest here. Many of the tutorials were created in 2010 and haven't been updated. Others tutorials have updates but maybe not the one you need. The instruction and methods they suggest are sound but there has been a four year shift to mobile recording, web apps and photo storytelling services.

In addition, the focus is on journalism. What ever that means to you. For some of you it is a pejorative.  There is the practice of journalism with good people working hard to tell be reporters, writers and recorders.

And then there is the craptastical transmission that can and has occurred on network and cable news stations. Not the same thing.

So dive into the KDMC Tutorials if you have a hankering for some knowledge but can't afford bus fare out of town.

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