Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Resource for Storyboard Templates

I have a (sometimes) good habit of following the bread crumbs. I'm careful about where I venture but I like to check out what happening at other places of interests. I was snooping around the Journalism education sites and found myself at Printable Paper.

At the site is a collection of storyboard templates for various types of video and movie projects. These are free PDFs that you can download and use as you see fit.

You might take a look at the template and say "Yeah, but I need something with lines so I can write as well as sketch."  Not a problem. This is where my wandering pays off:

I actually look for notebooks like this. I use to find them in the back to school section but with more instruction moving away from basic handwriting skills this is going to be harder to find. I'm glad to know that this is available for those of us that want to combine text and sketching.

What Is It Good For?

Well, if you are doing any kind of structured video like a demonstration, tutorial, creative storytelling that has a lot of elements this is your money saving launch pad.

Working out on paper forces you to take it from your head and make it real. It also reminds you of what you have, what you need and is it really doable.

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