Friday, May 16, 2014

Auphonic Web App for Audio Clean Up

A few weeks ago, I recorded a video of a gentleman who recited a section of the Quran at the L.A. Times Festival of Books. I play back the video I hear this wicked hiss when he reads a passage.

There was some kind of interference from near by or maybe my camera is heading south. I couldn't upload the video with bad sound. I was heart sick.

Today, I learned about a new (to me) service called Auphonic. Not only is it a web app but there is a version for iOS and Android folks. I'm testing out the web app version.

I would describe Auphonic as a voice and music cleaner for non-audio engineering people. Folks that think Audacity is too complex. 

It is really simple. This is a video demonstration from the company:

I would say that even with droopy connection speeds the audio uploaded and was processed quickly. My problem hum was gone but I discovered another sound that no amount of sound editing is going to get rid of; there was a person opening a plastic bag.

I can't get rid of it and it wouldn't be worth the time to chip away at it in Audacity.

Anyway, for basic audio cleaning this is a good option. There is an Android app and one for iOS that has a recoding function. They do have a desktop app for sale but you might not need it.

Many times free apps can be more trouble than they are worth. This is a quality app that once you get the hang of it you might drop the fellas a donation in appreciation.

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