Monday, September 24, 2012

Vidoe Basket of Goodies #4

The Online News Association just wrapped up their meeting in San Francisco this past weekend. My Twitter feed was bobling with folks attending the conference.

One of the great things about a Twitter hastag is that it can lead to hidden treasures. Professor Lih and Lam ThuyVo had a session on online video equipment and practices.

These are some of the resources you should check out to build your skills:
 The ever popular Five Shot Sequence and Recording Tips.

This is some mighty find stuff to have in your head. From visiting that site I stumbled into a photography blog with a great philosophy on using the camera you have to take great photos. It is called The Bastards Book of Photography.

I love this site. It is just the right attitude and approach to not only easying the anxiety about getting the right shoot but using the equipment you have on your person right now. Even a decent base line point and share camera now takes good photos and video.

We just need to work within our skills and the camera abilities. Or Smartphone. GoPro, Tablet. Instagram. Whatever you are using. Doesn't matter if you work in photos or video. Go over there and suck up some of that good stuff.

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