Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Animating Text in Windows Movie Maker - Creating Poetry Videos

I get it. Some of you want screen based animated text but you don’t want the complexity of the high end programs. This is not impossible; many of the consumer level video editing programs do have a text generator or some method of having text motion.

So this is a look at the native functions of three software programs. This is not about plug-ins or video effects software that you can purchase to add those features. That is a post for another time.

The first program to consider is one that many people have on their Windows computers, Windows Live Movie Maker 2012. This is a quick demonstration video that shows the text animation features:

You have basic title, caption and credit features in Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM). You can move the text exactly where you want it on the screen, change the font, and using the title animations you can have the text move into your video in a style.

 Titles can stand alone or as overlays to video.

Captions can also be used for poetry videos. Normally they are on top of the video. You still have the same editing functions as a title; they can be moved and you can apply the title animations.

Credits generally come at the end of modern movies and videos. A credit line in WLMM is also an opportunity to have a multi-line text block.

There are some creative opportunities. You can enter your text; render it as a video and then splice it in with your photos and videos.

Yes, it is limited but it can be a useful tool for those that want some control over text and their videos.

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