Sunday, November 3, 2013

Audio Inspirations - Joe Frank

On the one hand, you have a cottage industry seriously seeking the holy grail of storytelling. Politicians, commercial businesses, vendors and opportunists - both positive and negative all seek to connect with a person and root themselves as being one of you.

A shared experience in which makes the story makes them appear credible.Since humans are wired for stories that story resonate has gotten a lot of people in trouble.

"Mister, I met a man..." A rant for another time.

On the other hand, you have storytellers. People that are telling factual stories like the ladies of WHOA! Network or artists that use the techniques of storytelling to create a new work of art.

And then there is Joe Frank.

The first time I gave up television I turned to public radio. There were exciting things that were happening with ZBS, radio audio theater groups and Joe Frank.

Joe played with conformity like a basketball. It seemed real until it wasn't. You could be bounced from drama to comedy to absurdity in the space of minutes.  If you were into his work you understood you could not always anticipate where he would take you.

Some pieces of his work were life changers. Others were crap. Most were well crafted gems of art.

I bring up Joe Frank because there is much gnashing about who gets to tell stories. Many professionals in the media business would like to restrict the teeming masses from having a voice.

From restricting comments*, to embedding a television like framework for new content producers to the new bum rush to series mentality to web video it just doesn't seem like the sole voice is welcomed any more.

We might have to reclaim it once again.

*Make no mistake; I really get why some media outlets and bloggers have to make that decision on closing comments. There are nasty, vile people in portions of the teeming masses. There are intolerant people. There are spammers. Our challenge is to communicate without the hate. There are corporate and political interests that do not want that to happen. Telling our stories is one way to fight back.

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