Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Still More Info on Vine Videos

Not sure if Vine videos will be more like an invasive form of Kudzu or Bougainvillea; there have been some interesting uses of the iOS app. I'd like to focus on the videos that are safe for work.

To recap, Vine is an iOS app that allows users to record and upload six second videos. There is audio and video but you don't have time to mess around. Well, let me rephrase that cuz apparently there are NSFW Vine videos, of which I will not provide links to the newly formed galleries.

This is another reminder that there are NO privacy settings on these videos. If you don't want to the world to see it then do not upload using Vine.

Vine videos are recorded in the traditional Quicktime .mov format. You can currently save them to your hard drive, copy the URL of the video or hunt for the embed code.

I used the Inspect Element to find it but if you know how to construct an iframe tag you can do it as well. I'll save that for another post.

I'd would have thought that advertisers and brands would have held back a bit but no, not a bit.

Yes, didn't see how quickly it could be used for Tourism.

This is a two-fer, the Six Wives of Henry the 8th and a cute promo for the Historical Palaces of the UK.

This is video, and six seconds or not. it might take time to load on your page. The more videos you have the longer it will take to load.

Vine is here but it is not the only video app.  I am amused and baffled on how people plan to make a quality six second video. I remain in observation mode.

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