Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vimeo Membership Options for Videobloggers

Time is ticking for those of you that need to download your non-episode/series videos from Cutoff is November 7, 2013. One of the video web hosting options you do have for video is Vimeo

Vimeo is known for having a civil and creative community. At this time, they are still allowing basic users. I don't know how long that will last. Companies have bills to pa and they do that by advertising, charging users for advanced services or other forms of moolah farming.

If you are a casual once a week videoblogger Vimeo Basic might be all that you need. You can upload one high definition video a week or multiple SD videos. There are some restrictions but it is a free account. So long as you upload video or are active in watching or liking videos you are good to go.

Be aware there will be no tribute content, no copyright infringement and no intentional icky videos. I don't think they would support unintentional icky videos either. Let me be blunt; if you ex-girlfriend/boyfriend is in the video without clothing or their prior written consent then it isn't going to be shown on Vimeo.

Vimeo does want you to be aware that there are perks for paid memberships options.  If you are closer to the ProAm side of the fence you might want to give paid membership a look see.

Now, truth be told, many of my friends and acquaintances subscribe to the "roll you own" philosophy of web video. In this case, they suggest that you run your own server and manually embed your content on your blog or website.

That takes skill, money, time, commitment and resources. It can be done.

Is it easy to do? No.

So, give Vimeo some serious thought. I would also encourage you to check out some of the content on the site. You will get inspiration up the ying-yang.

Or an inferiority complex.

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