Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to the Future with Gif.tv

This writing thing takes time away from interesting distractions. I learned about Gif.tv from Boing Boing yesterday. You young folk that have been blessed with cable/DSL all you lives will not understand.

Back in the day of 56k modems this was Internet video. Yes, we suffered.

The World of Gif.tvSome one would cobble together a string of images and animate them. Traditionally it was line drawings or really crappy 256 flat file graphics but later folks were experimenting with images.

The original gif files were small; they had to be to pass freely through the puny connections that we had.

I bring this up because the dang thing is hypnotic. Okay, the Ann Margaret one is just wrong but the two old guys that follow kinda make up for it.

You can learn about image composition and animation options but really it is just a mind wipe of good intentions.

And it gives me more time to write about editing software options.

Camcorder Video Editing Software Considerations

So a few days ago I presented some questions you can consider about buying a camcorder. One of those questions was "How Tech Savvy Are You?" The reason I put that question out there is because the number two question I get is "Why doesn't my video work with my editing software?

Folks get so caught up in the getting of things and not taking the time to understand the relationship between themselves and the equipment. For each choice you make there will be five other choices that present themselves.

If you don't know how to deal with those choices you can get stuck. When it comes to editing videos this is not completely our fault.

Manufactures do not make it easy to match up the right camcorder and video editing experience. The frigging .mp4 madness that is romping around is a mind bender.

Having said that, if you could match up the camcorder purchase with your operating system, the capabilities of you video editing problem and you current skill level that would be a wonderful thing to do.

For many people that ship has sailed because they bought the camcorder. If you purchased an inexpensive new camcorder you probably have software to help you edit or upload your videos.


  • ArcSoft software bundled with camcorder for PC users only
  • FlipShare (End of Life coming very soon to FlipCam owners)
  • Samsung's Inteli-Studio

Operating System - Mac Users

Many of the video editing programs that are provided with new camcorders are for PC users. Unfair, but true.

If you are a Mac user you generally can't use the PC software unless you are savvy enough to run a dual boot system. You next hope is that your version of iMovie can open the video. The short answer is early versions can't. You will either have to upgrade or find another answer.

If you are a newbie then this can be frustrating. You will now have to look at the semi-toxic world of video converter software. You don't want to plow in that swamp land so I suggest you download the Mac compatible version of MPEG Streamclip or Adapter (currently in Beta) for conversion to an iMovie format.

Operating System - PC Users

These programs allow you to make editing, maybe add title and upload to YouTube or Vimeo. If you have never don't this before the theory is that these programs make it simple.

Well, yeah. that is the theory. Some applications are crappy and not well made. Others work fine but if you are a person unwilling to figure out a problem or read the manual (if you have one) then frustration will be rampant.

Not much more to say about these applications. If they work for you then you are probably not reading this post. If they don't then hold on, next up is the video editing software that may or may not have come with your computer.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Why Do You Want or Need A Camcorder?

The number one question that comes to me is "I want to buy a camcorder, should I get A or B?" My first response will always be "What do you want/need it it for?"

I believe there are questions that you need to ask yourself before you step near a camcorder vendor.

Why Do You Want/Need A Camcorder?

Your answer might range from "Just in case something happens." to "I have this great idea for a web video series."

Knowing the reason why you want a camcorder can save you time and money. I've have been a witness to the madness.

A guy will by a $800 camcorder and claims he never take it out of Auto mode. Could have saved himself $400 by purchasing the second or third model in its class and would have had the same quality of video.

Or my fellow frugalistas gals who will spend $199 on a point and share camcorder and use it to record distance events, games, or anything else that will look like bugs on the screen when projected on a HD TV.

Spending $100 more would have led to a camcorder with better lens, optical zoom and recording options.

What Kind of Video Do You Plan To Record?

There are so many kinds of videos that folks are creating such as:

  • Citizen Journalism
  • Daily videoblog
  • Home and family
  • Event videoblogging
  • Demonstration/Tutorial
  • Journalism
  • Product Reviews
  • Social Activist
Matching the right camcorder to the task again saves you time and frustration. A point and share camcorder at you kids soccer game is okay, but a camcorder with a better lens, optical zoom and a tripod might be a better choice.

How Tech Savvy Are You?

Do you like to figure things out or do you want the process to be as automatic as possible?

You need to be able to operate not just the camcorder but getting the video off of the camcorder, minor editing and the ability to upload the video.

Yes, some of the consumer level camcorders have editing software to help you do that. Most of it doesn't work very well or are limited. Some of the software is flat out crappy.

You have free video editing software like Windows Live Movie Maker and iMovie that doesn't accept every video file format. You can make it work but it will be up to you to figure it out.

Do you want to?

Doing research before you purchase can help you buy a camcorder that is compatible with your needs.

How Much Can You Afford To Spend?

This is a freaking great time to buy a camcorder. Or not. Certainly there is a monetary cost but there is a cost in time and resources as well. How much do you really have?

Camcorder costs have been dropping and the equipment just keeps getting better and better. There has been a slow down in the number of new offerings but what is coming down the road is very interesting.

Mobile video technology continues to improve. That might be the place for newbies to start.

The iPhone/iPad might be what you want or need. Built in camcorder, video editing applications and a means of uploading to a video web host. That convenience has a high cost but if you can afford making that purchase the process is very easy.

Android folks currently have less options. They will come but what is currently available is less than choice. The Micro 4/3 digital still cameras are getting my attention for video capabilities, very interesting in that neck of the woods. I will be looking in that direction in future posts.

Standard consumers camcorder should get more respect; they are lighter and pack more features than camcorders did seven years ago. Some are built for newbies and others are a tech haven or complexity.

The short answer to that questions is, know the answers to why you want a camcorder. Does it meet your budget in terms of money, time and result. For others folks there is an additional questions on return on investment.

You don't want sales people and vendor to answer those questions for you.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Just Purchased A JVC Everio GZ-HM30 Camcorder

I have a confession to make. I bought another camcorder. The JVC Everio GZ-HM30. When it arrives I'll do a full shake out when it arrives in a few days.

What can I say? When frugality meets camcorder lust I'm just helpless. The GZ-HM30 I purchased is a refurbished model. It is a basic entry level camcorder. There are some things to be aware if you are thinking about getting one but for $124.99 at Woot it seemed like a good deal.

Operating System Compatibility

If you are Mac user this bad boy is compatible with iMovie 8, 9 and 11 so you can just import and have at it.

PC users will need editing software that is compatible with the video format or make use of a converter.

Everio GZ-HM30

The Important Specs:
  • 40x Optical Zoom
  • 1/5.8-inch 1.5M pixel CMOS (Small sensor)
  • Konica Minolta HD F1.8 to F6.3 Lens
  • SDHC/SXHC Memory Card format 4GB Class 4 or higher recommended.
  • AVCHD Lite Format HD & Standard Definition Dual Recording
  • 1920x1080P Output (upconverted) Actually it records in 1280x720P
On an 8GB card you can expect around an hour and a half of recording in high definition and almost 3 hours on standard definition 720 x 480.

Battery life is about 40 minute with the standard battery supplied or you can buy a juiced up one that can get you to almost 2 hours of recording time.

Things To Know Before Purchasing

There is no external microphone jack. The microphone does not record in stereo, it is monaural.

The actual microphone is located under the lens barrel. If you zoom a lot (and you shouldn't) then you might hear the sound of the camcorder included in the recording.

There is no separate still photo button. The only camcorder that gave me good photos and videos was my Kodak Zi6 (RIP). I wind up just extracting an image from the video when I need a photo.


This might be a replacement for The Flip camcorder provided that the transfer from the camcorder to the computer is smooth. I'll know better in a few days when it arrives so that I can give you soon to be former Flipsters the truth of the matter.

IJNet Video on Basic Camera Tools

This is a good example video of what you can do with basic equipment. A Kodak Zi8, external mic and a bracket to steady yourself and you are good to go.

This is Patricio Espinoza giving the 411 on what you can do with a simple bit of gear. If you have the time you really ought to check out the IJNet channel on YouTube.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Download.com Bloatware - Be Careful

I know I have suggested that people download software from trusted sources. The first place would be directly from the vendor web site. The next option is use either Major Geeks or Download.com.

Sadly, I have to encourage you not to make use of a long time safe haven. According to a number of well known tech web sites, Download.com is now wrapping software with a installer that will make Bing your search engine and MSN as you start page. That is what they are fessing up to at the moment but things change.

I got no beef with Microsoft Bing or MSN but I choose what I want for a start page.

Installing bloatware is a big N0-No. It was the very thing that drove people away from the other download sites. CNet use to boast that it tested for spyware, crapware and blocked the true icky adware we didn't want in our computer.

CNet more than any company should know what that means to a nerd/geek/tech savant. You shouldn't have to opt out of receiving known gunk on your computer. CNet does have a FAQ response to the question by stating that it is for the users benefit.

No, it is not. I never asked for it or wanted it. Not me. Nope. I have been downloading files for nigh on 16 years and I think I got the hang of it.

Select file, make sure of the Save location, click OK.

I would suggest that you go very slowly on any software installation so that you can find all of the boxes that you have to un-check to prevent the bloat software from installing.

Sadness to have to type this. I use CNet for a variety of purposes but this is one I gotta let go off. People are looking for that stray dollar but some things just ain't right.

This is one of them.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Disposable Film Festival 2012 Call for Submission

Coolness, I finally found out about the festival before it was too late to mention it. There is a call for submission for The Disposable Film Festival.

It is a showcase of what you can do with a cheap, inexpensive, multifunctional or limited range video recording devices.

This is a video that explains the concept:

Before you consider entering the contents check out the videos from the prior years. The competition is strong and they ain't kidding about the creativity people are squeezing out of entry level and alternative use video devices.

There is an entry fee of .99 cents however should your film/video be the best of the best you could win a copy of Adobe Production Premium CS5 or other goodies. Check out the submission page for more information.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tamajii Storyboards for iPhone/iPad

Just because I don't have an iPad doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the applications that are available. One of the reasons I don't have an Apple tablet yet is because I'd go stone broke on testing apps.

This is one that I might have plunked down money to give it a go. It is from Tamajii and it does seems to be a spiffy program.

Trying to remember why I will not buy an iPad. Oh, yeah. The cost, the speed of obsolescence and the never ending dip into the wallet.

I feel better. For now.

(Not really. It is just what I tell myself to carry on.)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Celtx Mobile Script Writing Application for iPhone/iPad

It has been long time since I thought of Celtx, I wrote about the free desktop scriptwriting software back in 2009. I took another look and have an update. The desktop version now comes in a free and paid, advanced feature version.

However there is now a mobile scriptwriting application for the iPhone/iPad crowd.

Celtx Mobile Scriptwriting Ap
The mobile app isn't free. I just checked an it is $9.99 and you need iOS4 or higher to use it.

It does give you the ability to write your masterpiece anywhere, anytime. You can also sync it with your desktop application so that ought to be worth something right there.

I do not have either device so I can't speak about the quality.

There are plenty of Celtx videos on YouTube so you can get a sense of how it works. If you need a scripted or structured type of video, are a Mac user or have one of the Apple devices you are good to go.

Video Post Mortem 3 or Leaning The Wrong Way

Well, you get one problem solved and another arrives to teach you a new lesson. I kept looking at the video, something wasn't right. Then I really looked at it.

The speaker was leaning to one side. Using the table as a point of reference there is more table on the left side of the screen than there is on the right.

Uneven Tripod EffectGadzooks. I think it was one of the tripod legs not fully extended or the head of the tripod wasn't level. I do have a level gauge on the tripod but it is real obvious I did not double check it.

To solve the problem what I did was to use the Pan and Zoom feature in my video editing program. It is a form of video cropping. I tried to isolate the speaker from the table and the lines that were providing clues to that the video not being level.

Let me emphasis this isn't a good solution; especially with standard definition video. I am recording in high definition. That isn't a good reason to do this unless you don't have a choice.

Using the Pan and Zoom feature will reduce the quality of the video.

So that is what I did. It would have worked better if there wasn't decorative lines on the wall or if I could have gotten rid of the chairs.

The best I could do was minimize the problem.

The lesson for today is that I need to make sure each tripod leg is fully extended and that level bubble is indeed level.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tinkernut DIY Teleprompter Demo Video

I love do it yourself tutorials. Tinkernut.com is the place for all kinds of tutorial and DIY videos but this on is relevant to web video and videoblogging needs.

If you have give a long speech that isn't spontaneous or off the cuff you might want to use a teleprompter.

In this video, you learn how to use a laptop or smart phone to be that teleprompter. I suppose you could do the same with a netbook or tablet but the concept is the same once you understand what you need to do to get it going.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More About Samsung Intelli-Studio and Blog

A few days ago I wrote about a Samsung F50 Flash camcorder. Included with that camcorder is a video editing software called Intelli-Studio, a basic editing program.

Well, at the time the only demo video I could find was a Flash animation. This is a much better tutorial type video that shows you the editing process in that software. It is close to a FlipShare editing experience so those of you looking to transition to another point and share camcorder might be interested in this product.

I was curious about what kind of Samsung had about their camcorder products. I looked around and found the Samsung Imaging blog.

The blog contains promotional information about their line of cameras and camcorders but it also has sponsored guest bloggers talking about or using their equipment. Sponsored in the sense that the participants were given or loaned a camcorder about a trip or experience.

You can use the tags at the bottom to filter the kind of post you want to see, since I wanted stuff on camcorders so that is where I went to check out that section of the blog.

This is a video recorded on a Samsung HMx-M20 about dining at a Korean restaurant.

I can see this as a place to check in once in a while to find out what they have in camcorders or product information. And no, I have no connection the vendor or Samsung products at this time.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Checking Out the YouTube Creator's Playbook

I did want to get to this session by Corinne Leigh and Sarah Lane on Video Storyboarding and Scripting for the Writer at BlogHer11.

I am working my way through the audio transcript and found out about the YouTube Creator's Playbook.

You really want to download and read this guide. For those folks doing demonstration, tutorial, or more structured videos on-line you have to snag a copy and go over the key points.

It hits the spot on:

  • Engagement - Call to Action
  • Production Checklists
  • Involving Your Audience
  • Using Social Media

I'm telling you, it will answer a lot of questions and you won't have to pay a stinking spammer $19.99 to learn the details.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Decided on iZotope Music and Speech Cleaner

I did something that is almost heretical in techno-land. I went to the Help menu and read the manual. It is only 21 pages. In the manual, I found out that I could move the play head to an area that just had the air conditioning noise.

iZotope Noise Command
This is similar to what Bias Soundsoap 2 does as well.

Bias Soundsoap2
The difference is that with iZotope I can see the audio wave file and move it to the exact teeny-tiny spot that just had the noise. I then could go to the menu and have it identify the sound. It did and that bane of my existence is gone.

I like the visual design of Bias SoundSoap 2 but it took me 45 minutes to extract a cleaned file. In the audio from my video there was very little space where it was just noise. I still had to boost the volume in the editing program. I just couldn't get it right.

With iZotope, once I got the lay of the land, it took 5 minutes tops. And if I am working with .mp4 videos I can actual see the video in the program to make sure I'm in sync. It will not open my high definition videos but so long as I can extract out .wav audio from my editing program I'm okay with that.

The Trade Off

In life there is a balance of good and evil. I can remove all of the air conditioner noise. But the voice is tinny or hollow in some parts of the sound file. I had to put back just enough of the noise to keep the vocal quality correct.

It is not perfect but the audio is okay as opposed to be god awful.

Decision Point

To me it the decision came down to the user interface and how quickly I could get the results I wanted. Both programs are good for novice users. I think Bias Soundsoap 2 has a more things that you can do with it if you understand certain audio concepts. I don't.

I have my hands full with video so I don't have the time at the moment to understand about high pass and low pass audio filters. I need a program like iZotope Music and Speech Cleaner to do that in the background.


  • Record good audio from jump street when possible.
  • If your camcorder allows it monitor the audio as you record, you might be able to move to improve the sound quality.
  • Record the room environmental sounds before the speakers get to talking so that if necessary you can isolate the offending noise.

Testing iZotope Music and Speech Cleaner

Lawdy, I got videos back up to Brooklyn because of air conditioner noise. I have been testing out various audio cleaning software. I just need to pluck out that wicked background noise and boost up those folks that mumble.

Bias Soundsoap 2 did the job on the air conditioner noise. No question, on a tough video it yanked the sucker out. I still had to wrangle with the software a bit. I did view the tutorial videos but there was still fiddling involved to get it right. Not sure if it is in the budget to pony up $99.

This time out I am giving iZotope Music and Speech Cleaner a try.

iZotope Music and Speech Cleaner
I gotta say I like the interface better. Pop in the .wav audio file, select what you want to do and adjust a slider. For enhancing the voice without distortion it was spot on; it definitely brought the voice to the front.

Reducing the air conditioner noise?

No. Not a lick.

To be fair, the product absolutely states it is a music and speech cleaner. The noise and hum they refer to are electric hums, or lower level electrical noises we humans tune out but a recording device wouldn't be able to.

This is the demonstration video from iZotope:

At $39 the price is right but at this point I'm only getting value from one module. Then again, I have a lot of record albums that need converting to mp3 audio. It wouldn't really be a waste of cash.

On the other foot, I do have videos I can't upload because the speaker voice is really low. I could go back and salvage those videos.

If I could turn off the frugal part of my nature maybe I should get both programs? Each one solves a problem that I have on an occasional basis.

Well, I have to dive in to the mystic one more time to see if there is a consumer level product that can do what I want for under $100.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quick Look at Samsung F50 Flash Memory Camcorder

Samsung F50 Flash Memory Camcorder is a standard definition camcorder. It is not a new camcorder but it is being discounted around the $130 price range.

It has good 52x optical zoom. With a tripod it could be a good outdoor event camcorder if you plan to only upload to the Internet.

Samsung F50 CamcorderYou should be aware that the higher the optical zoom the more you will need a tripod or actual stabilization to have a steady image in the camcorder. Just saying, be frugal but be sensible; you will need a tripod if you need to zoom into the action.

This is an example of a demonstration video using the zoom by Cherkin via YouTube. Now take another look at the photo of the camcorder. The microphone is right on top of the lens.

You have to figure that there will be some transference. In addition if you are outside and the wind blows it will blow across the top of the microphone.

The Specs:

Not a whole lot to speak of:

  • Small image sensor 1/6"
  • 52x Optical Zoom
  • Automatic focus, shutter and white balance
  • AAC audio
  • 1.9 megapixel still photo mode for reference photos but not quality photos
I had to download the manual to find out the video file format. It is H.264 mp4 but this is a standard definition camcorder. You can have 16:9 widescreen recording but it will not be what folks will expect for current HD television video image quality.

There maybe be interlacing issues, also known as that line banding in your video. You'd want to be able to deal with that if it is an issue.

Mac Users will have to check to see if this camcorder is compatible with their system. For iMovie 09 folks there is a dedicated camcorder compatibility page. Just because a camcorder isn't listed doesn't mean that it will not work. You might have to find a work around.

I'd say if you need a replacement for The Flip and the price is under $130 then I'd give this a look. The reason being there is a built-in video editing program inside the camcorder. You connect the camcorder to the computer and the video editing software with open for editing.

The software will only work for PC/Windows users. This is a Flash animation tutorial on that software to give you an idea of how it works.

Um. Yeah. Well, go with the concept. If you are looking for an inexpensive camcorder then this is an option. I have concerns about the microphone placement and other stuff but if the price was right I could work with it.

Finding Drek with Google Sparks

I'm trying out Google+ Sparks to see what kind of resources I can find via the search feature. I can tell you a lot of the crud videoblogging advice articles are popping up. The kind that claim you have to hire someone to help you create video. Or, get this, videoblogging is the future.

I am half temped to copy a sentence. Oh what the hell...

Video blogs may be the future generation regarding publishing suggestions and products online. Everybody knows about textblogging. Explain how it works make use of video tutorials for just a superior way of expression

WTF? It makes me bat shiz crazy seeing crap like this clogging the pipes. From the looks of it folks take a sentence and re-invent it in their own special way. No fooling, there are six variations of the above poop in my Sparks stream.

Don't feed or click the SEO, SEM and article directory crapola trolls.

This is not the fault of Google Sparks, I need to make that clear. It is just that when people and crumb bums latch on to a term to attract traffic this is what you tend to see, private label and insipid articles from people that don't know jack about the topic. They keyword it up and 500 words later you have nothing but something to wrap a bunch of ads around.

On the positive side, if you see the same poorly written articles again and again from different web sites in a search stream that is your clue that somebody or a group of bodies are trying to piss up you leg to get to your wallet.

Ah yes. Critical thinking. It is a beautiful thing.

BlogHer11 Video and Videoblogging Tips

There were panel sessions that I just couldn't get to but there was a log of information being exchanged on the topic. So this is a list of some of the sessions and transcripts to find out what folks were talking about concerning web video, videoblogging, vlogging and aiming a camcorder at something.

BlogHer11 Sessions Liveblog Transcripts

Closing Keynote Women In the Media
Social Media Geek - Mobile Multimedia Making on the Go
Social Media Geek - Videoblogging U
The Write Brain Uncharted Territory: Video Storyboarding and Scripting for the Writer

Other Attendees Tips and Information:

Jenny on the Spot has more tips on More Vlogging Tips

Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog attended part of the video storyboarding session but there is also solid information about interviewing, lighting and software choices.

There is no one single way of creating web video/videoblogging. We get a chance to re-invent the format and create our own stories, histories and fiction.

That is the great thing about this time.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Scott Eggleston and The Frugal Filmmaker

Frugal? One of my favorite words. I was messing around Lifehacker when I saw this video on creating a table dolly using skate wheels and PVC.

Coolness like this cannot be ignored so I went over to The Frugal Filmmaker blog. Much to appreciate at that joint.

Scott has tutorial videos on making mini-camcorder stabilizers, Zoom H1 homemade accessories and low cost lighting techniques.

If you have a DIY or frugal video inclinations check out Scott's blog or his YouTube channel.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Video - Geographic Affiliate Blocking

I get asked by a lot of people can you make money blogging or by using video on the Internet. My answer is always a qualified "yes."

Yes, if you do the foot work of knowing what you want to do.

Yes, if you understanding the process of setting up a business and knowing that it is not going to happen overnight or with a super secret sauce that you purchased from another web site for $149.

No, to those that want to take short cuts that harm other people, computers or involve any form of ethical lapse or straight up criminality.

There are legal and legitimate ways to earn money. One of those ways is to connect with upstanding affiliate companies. If you have sufficient traffic on your web site that allows your visitors to click though to purchase products and services.

This was working fine for a lot of people. Some folks made chump change and others people made a grip and a half of real money on an hourly basis.

State governments have been trying their best to lay hands on the billions of dollars that are flowing in and out of the state.

One of the ways a state can tax an on-line business is if there is a physical presence in the state. This is the "nexus" that is referred to in the video. The state of California wants to imply that affiliate participants constitute that presence.

Recently California tried to get Amazon.com to fork up tax money because of the affiliates are located in the state. The premise was that the affiliates (bloggers, publishers, web sites owners) constituted a presence by Amazon in the state. For the record, affiliates are not owners or employees of Amazon or any company that they have an agreement.

Amazon.com said,"Heck no" and immediately cancelled all dealings with people in the affiliate program in California.

The above video by a representative of Retail Me No explains that other companies are building software programs to geographically block folks in those states that would want to participate in an affiliate program.

I can see both side of this issues. State governments have no money. There are many reasons for the budget blues. Some are valid. Other reasons are due to willfully not constructing a sane state budget or out and out theft/allocation of funds.

Either way, it seems to state governments like a good idea to tap into one of the few places that are prospering - the Internet.

The on-line retailers have ever right to fight back. There are 52 states and the District of Columbia. You do not want to have to negotiate tax agreements with each state and then possibly face the added danger of individual cities belling up to the bar as well.

They did not cause the fiscal problems. They shouldn't be asked to solve it.

So. This is where we are:
  • California will get zilch from Amazon.com. Other vendors are putting up blockades.
  • Other companies will build blocks to keep California citizens from being a part of affiliate programs.
  • For entrepreneurs and small businesses this will reduce opportunities not only to earn additional money but also stop a chunk of money being directed to the state budget.
Why am I writing this on a video education blog? Because if you were planing on taping into an affiliate program to supplement your income and you live in a targeted state soon to be blocked I'd think again.

Disclosure Notice:

Part of the reason I have a non-commercial, no income generating blog is that I am free to express opinions and points of view.

The following is my own point of view and has nothing to do with BlogHer. I should mention that I am contributing editor at BlogHer and I did attend the conference in San Diego.

Monday, August 8, 2011

RJI Mobile Journalism Reporting Tool Guide

When you are open to learning the stuff comes running up and hugging you. For those of you wanting to know more about the use of mobile devices for citizen and traditional journalism you should check out the Reynolds Journalism Institute page on mobile reporting gizmos.

The mobile apps for video editing are iPhone/iPad based so if that is your OS you have much to celebrate. There is good stuff. Mobile content creation is going to evolve upward so even us desk jockeys are going to need to understand the options that are in the market place.

I just wish that it was not so Apple dependent. Not an Apple hater, I am totally in favor of choice in operating systems.

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Know Where Your Stuff Is - Organize Your Workflow

It took far to long to get this concept into my head. You do have to organize your videos. It doesn't take a lot of time but it is necessary. I mentioned this at the BlogHer11 Geek Bar but I want to make sure everyone understands what I am talking about.

File Folder Workflow

Audio and Music Folder
I have non-commercial blogs. In the past I have used music that required me to cite the original source of the music via attribution or other conditions.

In addition I have used music in the public domain and music by authors that allowed for commercial use, again via attribution. In addition to my computer folder I have the print out from the web page so that I can show where I got the music from and the condition of use.

No Permission
These are for videos that I do not have permission from the participants to display. I record poets in the San Gabriel Valley. There are some poets that leave the room before I could ask permission or have told me after I recorded to not to upload the video. I separate these from the permitted videos into this folder. When in doubt, do not upload without permission.

Photos and Screenshots
I like to make sure that in addition to shooting video I have background or reference photos of the event. Some of the video web hosting services also require you to have a separate thumbnail of the video. That can be obtained from the source video using a function found in many video editing programs.

This is the final copy of the video that will be uploaded. It is a good idea to double check this copy for error or goofs before uploading.

This is my working copy of the video I want to edit. I try to make a copy to be placed on a DVD and then have a working copy or a transcoded copy of the video to work from. If something goes wrong I can pull the copy from the DVD.

Never goof up your one and only original copy of the video.

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Looking At Android Video Editing Applications

A lot of the ladies at BlogHer11 were toting Android tablets. Galaxy Tablets, HP models and everything in-between. I'm not anti-Apple, I'm anti-paying Apple prices for models that will be obsolete in a year or less.

My phone is more Java based than Android so there is no chance of me downloading Android apps on my phone. Heck, I can't even download a QR Reader on the sucker. I can live with it, I have unlimited text and data.

Still, those tablets looked most attractive, in the productivity sense of the word.

I have specific needs for a tablet. I need to be able to transfer, edit and possible upload video via the tablet to my video web host of my choice. So as I ramp up to speed I'm taking some time to look over the fence. I'm checking out the Android Market for Media and Video.

VidTrimProVidTrimPro has an ad supported free version and a paid version.

You can trim, rename and upload video to YouTube.

This software seems to be designed more for smartphone users and not tablet specific devices.

This seems to be more of a trimmer application than a full video editing app.

Next in the exploration is V-Cut Express. This seems to be another trimmer application with the ability to time into the precise area you want snipped. V-Cut Express

It seems that you can import video from other sources or use the recordings from the camcorder on the device.

I like that I can tweak the trim time but again this does seem like a phone specific application.

I need more than trimming. I might want to add a short title, a fade or caption.

Hope is fading but I have one more. This is called Clesh. This has possibilities in that it states that a person can do all the things I'd expect out of a video editing program such as titles, transitions and frame accurate video editing.

The hitch in the giddy-up is where that takes place. I could be misreading the description but the software acts as an interface to a cloud bases editing system.

I am not opposed to editing in the cloud but those of us on data rate restrictive plans might not be able to afford first uploading the video to the cloud, editing and then transferring the completed video to their desired web host.

Clesh has a corporate and a user show reel site. On the corporate site, there is product information about the software but not much else. The other page is a listing of user video; this certainly gives you an idea of what the product can do but I can't seem to embed the videos to share can be done with the software.

From what it looks like it is a 320x240 video experience. Yep. No can do.

I guess I'm gonna have to cool my jets about getting an Android tablet. I'm sure that there are other video editing applications. Based on these that I've look at I can't justify shelling out $400+ for the tablet and not have software that I can use.

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